A Holistic Approach to Overcoming Stress and Anxiety


Are you dealing with symptoms of stress and anxiety, depression or PTSD...

And you are tired of it being the norm? Is it affecting how you feel about your life and your relationships?

This guide will support you on a journey towards healing and wellbeing using an innovative fusion of yoga, meditation and mindfulness!

Because when you understand the interconnectedness between your mind and body, you can welcome lasting transformation into your life.

In this guide, you will learn...

  • The most effective way to encourage long term transformation and healing
  • What stress and anxiety is and how to recognise it
  • Why yoga is specifically suited to overcoming stress and anxiety
  • How to rewire the anxious brain
  • Specific breathing practices to relieve muscular pain in the neck and shoulders
  • A simple meditation practice to use when the body and mind are feeling stressed or anxious
  • How to get started with mindfulness; to help deal with difficult emotions, manage change with more acceptance and get your energy back
  • A simple technique to grow your happiness, improve sleep and strengthen your immune system
  • The power of journaling and self-reflection