Are you tired of your overthinking mind and ready to let go of the tension in your body?

Discover the intimate relationship between the mind and body so that you can relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety and live a life with more calm, resilience and joy.

To overcome stress and anxiety and for true healing and transformation to occur the integration of mind-body practices are essential.

Do you feel like something isn't quite right? 

Do you feel overwhelmed, have racing thoughts or difficulty concentrating?

Do you wish you had space and time to explore what is causing your anxiety?

Are you feeling irritable, worried or grumpy?

Do you have trouble sleeping and feel tired all the time?

Do you have muscle tension in your body or feel tightness in your chest?

Do you wish to live a life where you feel you have the resources to feel more confident, to feel at ease in your body and mind and the opportunity to process and let go of what is no longer serving you?

The solution to your problem is the intelligent integration of mind and body practices.

Yoga and mindfulness offer this two-way approach (mind and body) to health and wellbeing. Perhaps you have tried different therapies in the past, but there is still this feeling that something is missing, there is a sense of disconnect or discontentment.

With the benefit of modern science, we now have a deeper understanding of how these practices can help overcome the traumatic and stressful events that we have experienced so that we can feel a sense of contentment with our lives today. Research carried out by a variety of Health Institutions, such as, NICE and NCBI, have shown that both yoga and mindfulness significantly reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.

The most effective way of overcoming dis-ease in the body and mind is by focusing on a holistic approach. Research reveals that faster and more long-term healing occurs through the intelligent integration of mind and body practices.

Stress and anxiety affect us all, however, chronic anxiety or ongoing low levels of stress can have a detrimental impact on your health and wellbeing. This ongoing feeling of being overwhelmed and exhausted will continue throughout your life until you decide to face the underlying causes that drain your energy and leave you feeling disempowered.

When you start to integrate yoga and mindfulness into your life you'll start noticing...

You'll feel more focused and calm in your body and mind

That you can break through negative self-talk and limiting beliefs so you can achieve your goals

Your sleep and your relationships start to improve

A sense of inner strength that you need to make the big decisions in your life

A feeling of contentment and joy in your day to day life

I'm Lorna MacPhail and trust me, I know how it feels.

After a series of traumatic events in my early 20s, I disassociated from body and emotions as a way to cope with my experiences. At the time, I didn't know any other way to be.

Over the years, I had this feeling inside that something wasn't quite right. At times, I felt emotionally on edge, exhausted, and at times deeply sad. I just knew there must be a different way to feel.

Initially, I started to explore the practices of yoga, which helped me to reconnect with my body and cope with my stress and anxiety. However, it wasn't until I integrated meditation and mindfulness, that I started to delve into the deeper aspects of myself and noticed real shifts in how I felt. I learned how to lean into my vulnerabilities, tune into the wisdom of my body and move from a place of denial to a place of acceptance and compassion. I created new habits and patterns, retrained my nervous system and learned to tune into what my body and heart needed to say.

Part of this healing process was understanding the psychological and physical effects of trauma and stress on the body and mind.  I believe that if you understand this process, you too will feel empowered to free yourself from anxiety and regain a sense of hope that there IS another way to feel.


Your Path in Overcoming Stress and Anxiety

This 4 week innovative course is designed to help you on your journey to overcome stress and anxiety by combining yoga, meditation, mindfulness, breathwork and neuroscience into a cutting-edge programme.

Integrate mindfulness into your everyday life, so you are able to savour life more fully, enriching your day to day experience

Understand the physiology of stress and learn how to build resilience in order to thrive

Develop healthy routines to nourish the mind and the body

Learn how qualities such as of non-judgement, trust, letting go, acceptance and self-compassion can heal the body and calm the anxious mind

Decode your thought patterns, habits and limiting beliefs so you can feel empowered that your life is moving in the right direction

Overcome barriers to meditation to create a sense of calm in the body and mind to support a healthier and more content way of being

Learn tools to build resilience when life and emotions become challenging so that you can feel a sense of control when navigating change and uncertainty

Develop a deep understanding of our inherent negative bias and how to overcome it to build confidence and self-belief

Learn how mindfulness and compassion can improve your interactions with others and explore active listening and non-violent communication

Enhance the function of your nervous system to manage stress and anxiety more effectively

How The Programme Works

Online Instruction

  • Work at your own pace at a time that works for you
  • 100% accessible from any place with internet connection

Pre-recorded videos

  • Weekly lessons including tutorial, yoga practice and guided meditations (and more)!
  • Intimate and in depth coaching experience with me  

Community of Support

  • Private Facebook members only group
  • Peer support to share your journey with like-minded people

What's Included?

4 recorded video tutorials with Lorna + Your Path in Overcoming Stress and Anxiety Reflection Guide

✓ 4 yoga (asana or postures) practices specifically designed to embody the theme for the week

✓ 8 guided mindfulness meditations and downloadable audio recordings

✓ Lifetime access to the programme so you can relisten and repeat the practices as many times as you need

✓ Private members-only peer support Facebook group that you can remain in for life

✓ Special Bonus Content


Programme Outline

Your Path to Overcome Stress and Anxiety

Session 1: Introduction to Mindfulness

In this session, you will be introduced to mindfulness and how it can support you on your path in overcoming stress and anxiety

Let yourself be guided in the initial steps of creating a deeper connection between the body and mind

Learn techniques to manage and cope with feelings of stress and anxiety

Learn specific practices that will ease symptoms of anxiety such as headaches and poor sleep

Explore how the attitude of non-judgement and patience can enhance your wellbeing

Session 2: The Mind Body Connection

In this session, we will delve into neuroscience and what happens in our body and mind during a stressful or traumatic event

Understand the basics of brain anatomy and the relationship between the brain and the central nervous system

Discover the psychology and physiology of stress on the body and mind

Develop the skills to notice where suppressed emotions or where stress and tension are being held

Explore the essence of a beginner's mind and delve into your relationship with trust

Session 3: Silencing the Inner Critic

In this session, we will look at our inherent negative bias and how it affects our thought patterns and therefore our levels of anxiety

Learn how to overcome negative thoughts and change the way you perceive yourself and the world around you

Explore the impact of a stressful or traumatic event in your life and how it relates to stress and anxiety

Learn techniques to manage pain and discomfort in the body

Discover why non-striving and letting go (or non-attachment) is essential in becoming accepting and content

Session 4: Compassionate Communication

Non Violent Communication

In session 4, we delve into compassionate practices and discover why this is vital in overcoming your stress and anxiety

Uncover why self-compassion is vital in relieving stress and anxiety and experience the benefits of this healing practice on the body and mind

Explore the concept of non-violent communication (or compassionate communication) and take away strategies to improve your relationships with others

Nourish and strengthen your empathy and understand why it is vital for life long change, in yourself and the world around you

Develop acceptance and resilience to respond skillfully to change and uncertainty in life

These Life Changing Bonuses Guide You to Step into Your Highest Self so that You Can Live the Life You Want to Live.

5 Bonus Guided Themed meditations

  • Affirmations to Build Confidence and Self-Belief
  • Meditation to Manage Pain
  • Relieving Anxiety
  • Cultivating a Sense of Agency to Overcome Trauma
  • Yoga Nidra - Meditation to Aid Sleep

5 Bonus Breathwork Practices

  • Coherent Breathing
  • Breathing for Clearing the Mind
  • Breathing for Processing Emotions
  • Breathing for Stress Release
  • Breathing Techniques for Reducing Anxiety

Bonus Yoga Practices

  • Yin/Restorative Yoga
  • Chair/Desk Yoga
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa
  • Releasing Tension from the Hips

Why Is Your Path in Overcoming Stress and Anxiety Different from Anything You've Tried...

A holistic approach that focuses on the whole person is the most effective way to encourage long-term transformation.

  • Methods that focus on the mind overlook that we feel and embody all of our experiences
  • Methods that focus on the body overlook that we need to untangle the thought patterns that no longer serve us

This programme is definitely not about switching off from your thoughts while you meditate or holding the perfect yoga pose.  

It's about moving beyond the noise and the clutter of your life that has left you feeling disconnected. 

It's about holding a mirror to our distractions, stress, avoidance, fear and control  -  so you can move through this superficial layer and feel connected, free and open to a new way of being.

Begin Your Path in Overcoming Stress and Anxiety Choose the Plan that Works Best for You...

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"A wonderful course, full of nourishing practices and wisdom that has greatly enhanced and added to my emotional and mental wellbeing. I feel more spacious and at peace."

I feel calmer and more self confident

"This course is a wonderful mix of yoga, breathing, meditation and mindfulness delivered in such a calm, nurturing way. Looking at the 8 elements of mindfulness has helped me to work on my repetitive thought patterns which were causing anxiety. As a result of the whole course, I feel calmer and have regained some self confidence."


I'm less reactive and kinder to myself

"Lorna has put together a wonderful course, full of nourishing practices and wisdom that has greatly enhanced and added to my emotional and mental wellbeing. I feel more spacious and at peace. I think the course would be of benefit to anyone who truly believes that being kind to themselves and others will make the world a better place!"


I have formed better habits of wellness

"This course was brilliant. Lorna's weekly talks, along with her guided meditations, breathwork and yoga sessions, were accessible and engaging. I felt well supported in this deep dive into the art and science of mindfulness, and have come away better equipped in terms of the practice, but also to address my own anxieties and emotional well being. I highly recommend it!"


Most other courses only focus on yoga or mindfulness. There is growing evidence supporting the use of yoga and mindfulness as an adjunct or combination therapy for the management of stress, anxiety and depression.

100% online so you can take it anywhere, anytime with life time access.

A supportive community to support, encourage, and motivate you on your journey to wellbeing.

Begin Your Path in Overcoming Stress and Anxiety Choose the Plan that Works Best for You...

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About Your Guide, Lorna MacPhail

Lorna is an experienced yoga and meditation teacher and a mindfulness and compassion teacher accredited by the Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body. She is passionate and committed to educating and supporting people in understanding the mind-body relationship so that individuals have a sense of empowerment of their emotions and lives. Lorna is particularly interested in the scientific developments of yoga, meditation and breathwork and integrates modern scientific insight into her teachings. This helps her clients understand the psychological and physiological effects of stress and anxiety and therefore are able to move forward in their life in a more positive way.

After working in the education system for over 15 years, Lorna understands the pressures of a professional job and the stresses that come with it. Lorna has helped many busy professionals integrate mind- body practices into their lives to help them on their journey to health and wellbeing…… you are absolutely in the right place! 

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm relatively new to yoga, will the yoga postures be too advanced for me?

I have specifically curated the yoga postures part of the course so it is accessible for both those who are new to yoga and to those who have more experience in yoga postures. I have developed a unique style of mindful yoga flow in response to the unrealistic demands of modern life and the effects that it has on our bodies and minds. This practice has been designed to release stress and tension in the body, improve breathing habits and help you in connecting to the innate wisdom of your body.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the programme?

Each week there is approximately a 30 minute tutorial, a yoga practice and a 20 minute meditation. I recommend you watch the tutorial at least once, then use the yoga, meditations and breathwork practice for 3 days, or more if you wish. There is a reflective element to this course which I recommend doing daily for about 10 minutes. However, if you only manage to do it 2 or 3 times a week, then that is ok. It is important not to judge your efforts but focus on the small steps in changing habitual patterns as you embark on this journey of a lifetime.

How long will it take for me to notice the results?

I am deeply passionate about these practices and the transformation and healing effects they have on the body and mind. You will feel the benefits immediately and will be given tools that you can easily integrate into your life.

How much 1:1 access will I get with Lorna?

This is a fully online self-study course, designed so you can study at your own pace and at a time that suits you. There is no 1:1 support with me, however, I will be accessing the private Facebook group set up for those participating in the course and offer support and guidance where necessary. I am also only an email away.

What happens when I register?

You’ll receive a registration email to the address you used to pay within 24 hours. In the email, you’ll receive a link to join us in the private group, and all of the details you need to get ready for the first session!

What is your refund policy?

Once the program has begun and you’ve been added to the private support group we do not offer refunds on this program. If you need any support during the programme just contact me and I will be there to support you.

What do I need to participate in the programme?

The Transforming Stress and Anxiety Programme is completely digital and designed so you can work at your own pace. Once you register, I suggest marking time on your calendar to do the sessions and exercises. Some members find engaging in the Facebook group with others can help with accountability, motivation and opportunity to share experiences and offer support. You will need access to the internet and a laptop to properly complete this course.

What if I don't have a Facebook account - can I still join in?

You do not have to use the Facebook group support if you do not wish. The peer support group is totally optional, though many people find that connecting with others along the journey is helpful and reassuring. You may wish to set up a new account just to join the group and connect, but you do not need to be on social media to partake in the program as all of your lessons and reflections are in your member's portal.

Begin Your Path in Overcoming Stress and Anxiety Choose the Plan that Works Best for You...

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