Are you ready to feel lighter in your body, heart and mind?

A 6 month Group Coaching Programme designed to empower you to master your mind and reconnect back to your body and heart. When you tune into the wisdom of your body, you cultivate inner calm, build resilience and reignite the joy in your life.

Now is the time if...

  • You are tired of feeling overwhelmed and want to take back control of your life
  • You feel unfulfilled and you want the space and time to explore the best way forward for you
  • You've had enough of feeling tired and want to get your energy back
  • You are ready to integrate healthy habits into your life
  • You wish to connect with like-minded souls to support, encourage and motivate you on your journey

Master your mind and feed your soul - you are powerful beyond belief.

Taking your health and wellbeing into your own hands is an incredibly empowering way to live.

When you understand the intimate relationship between your body and mind, an awareness develops. An awareness of what your mind, body and heart need to feel free and content.

Stress and anxiety affect us all. However, the demands of modern day life are leaving many of us feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and lost in our minds. Ancient teachings and modern science are now coming together to teach us a new path, a new way to live. It is your time to rise up from these systems that are no longer serving you and be part of the change you want to see in the world.


The Path to Healing and Transformation

A 6 month transformational journey mixes the best of group coaching, online learning, community and self-inquiry to make the positive shifts that are needed for you to truly step into the life you want to live. This group coaching programme is designed to help you on your journey to healing and transformation by combining yoga, meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, trauma release techniques and self-inquiry into a cutting-edge programme.

Create long-lasting and sustainable change that will help you break free from limitations in order to thrive and create a life you love

Integrate mindfulness into your everyday life and develop healthy habits that nourish the mind and the body

Learn how qualities such as non-judgement, trust, letting go, acceptance and self-compassion can build resilience and create inner calm

Decode your thought patterns, habits and inherent negative bias in order to feel empowered, build confidence and self-belief.

Discover how self-inquiry and inquiry with others can help you to

Overcome barriers to meditation to create a sense of calm in the body and mind to support a healthier and more contented way of being

Learn how mindfulness and compassion can improve your interactions with others and explore how collaborative communication can improve your relationships both at home and in the workplace

Understand the physiology of stress and trauma, in order to enhance the function of your nervous system more effectively

Programme Outline

The Path to Healing and Transformation

( A taste of what some of the sessions will be focused around)

Session 1: Mindful Living

  • Discover what mindfulness is, its history and how it can support your wellbeing
  • Let yourself be guided in the initial steps of creating a deeper connection between the body and mind
  • Explore how the attitude of non-judgement can enhance your wellbeing
  • Learn about inquiry and why this process can help in the process of healing

Session 2: Rewiring the Anxious Brain

  • Discover how you can rewire an anxious brain
  • Learn breathing techniques to manage stress and anxiety
  • Explore the inner workings of your heart, mind and soul
  • Take time to connect to your inner wisdom, creativity and power

Session 3: Mastering the Mind

  • Shift your mental and emotional state from overwhelm to self mastery
  • Learn how to overcome negative thoughts and change the way you perceive yourself and the world around you
  • Unlock the potential of the heart to heal your body and mind
  • Develop the skills to integrate presence and joy into your daily life even when times are challenging

Session 4: The Mind Body Connection

  • Understand the relationship between the brain and the central nervous system to overcome stress and anxiety
  • Discover the psychology and physiology of stress on the body and mind and how to use this to navigate challenge
  • Develop the skills to notice where suppressed emotions or where stress and tension are being held in order to release them
  • Delve into your relationship with trust

Session 5: Leaning Gently In

  • Lean gently into your shadows to embrace your true strength and power
  • Unlock your potential to release and let go of what is no longer serving you
  • Cultivate a sense of agency to overcome trauma
  • Discover trauma release techniques

Session 6: Letting Go of Suffering

  • Learn techniques to manage pain and discomfort in the body
  • Embrace the power of non-attachment
  • Release control and embrace surrender
  • Let go of guilt, shame, embarrsement and negative interpretations

Session 7: Healing with Compassion

  • Uncover why compassion practices are essential for healing and transformation
  • Discover techniques to help navigate challenging emotions
  • Break down your barriers to self nurturing
  • Feel into Forgiveness

Session 8: Nurturing Relationships

  • Learn the art of mindful communication and listening
  • Explore the concept of non-violent communication (or compassionate communication)
  • Take away strategies to improve and nurture your relationships
  • Radical self compassion for healing and transformation

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Are you ready to free yourself from the weight of your limiting beliefs and emotional burdens?...

This is an intimate journey with like-minded souls, supporting each other to form healthier habits of the body and mind, in order to connect back to the heart.

A holistic approach to wellbeing not only recognises the uniqueness of the individual but also the importance of community in order to thrive.

Be Guided in Inquiry and Self-Reflection.

A big part of this course is supported inquiry and an opportunity for reflection. I see the importance of having a teacher to ask the right questions, to challenge your reactions and resistance and to motivate and inspire you to choose a new way of thinking and being.

This guided inquiry can help you to make real shifts more quickly and effectively than doing it on your own. It is the integration of mind and body practices with the opportunity to connect to the heart that will enable healing and transformation.

A Few Extras to Help You on Your Path

5 Bonus Guided Themed meditations

  • Affirmations to Build Confidence and Self-Belief
  • Meditation to Manage Pain
  • Relieving Anxiety
  • Cultivating a Sense of Agency to Overcome Trauma
  • Yoga Nidra - Meditation to Aid Sleep

5 Bonus Breathwork Practices

  • Coherent Breathing
  • Breathing for Clearing the Mind
  • Breathing for Processing Emotions
  • Breathing for Stress Release
  • Breathing Techniques for Reducing Anxiety

Bonus Yoga Practices

  • Yin/Restorative Yoga
  • Chair/Desk Yoga
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa
  • Releasing Tension from the Hips

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How The Programme Works

Online Learning

  • Weekly tutorials to introduce the theme of the week
  • Breathwork, yoga, mindfulness and meditation practices
  • 100% accessible from any place with internet connection

Group Coaching and Inquiry

  • Weekly live group coaching calls to receive personalised support
  • Intimate and in depth coaching experience with me
  • Live weekly yoga practice to embed the theme of the week  

Community and Reflection

  • Get your questions answered and get support both live and in a private facebook group
  • Create space to reflect and reconnect back to the self
  • Peer support to share your journey with like-minded souls

What's Included?

✓ Pre-course questionnaire to help you reflect on where you are at and gain clarity on what you want to achieve

✓ 12 pre-recorded tutorials on the theme of the week

✓ 12 Weekly Live Coaching Sessions. This will be a safe space for you and your course members to interact, share experiences, ask questions and receive guidance. This will include movement, breathwork, meditation practice, trauma release techniques, self-inquiry and reflection

✓ Lifetime access to the programme so you can relisten and repeat the practices as many times as you need

✓ The Path to Healing and Transformation Reflection Journal to take you deeper into the course content and help you to apply all the learnings into your personal life

✓ Lifetime access to a private members-only support Facebook group, where you can ask questions or share reflections and receive feedback from me

✓ Bonus Content; including breathwork practices, meditations and yoga practices

2021 Dates to be Announced Soon

Let me guide the way... I'm Lorna.

It is my mission to empower you to peel back the layers of your discontentment, anxiety and heaviness of your heart and mind.

As a transformation and embodiment coach, I know that for true healing and transformation to occur, the intelligent integration of mind and body practices is essential. I use a blend of personal development techniques, a neuroscience-based approach to mindfulness, the ancient teachings of yoga and meditation and trauma release techniques to reconnect you back to the place where you feel whole and complete.

You are your own best teacher, and my duty is to guide you to see the true nature of your unwavering spirit and the potential that you have for a fulfilling and joyful life.

If you can untangle the cause of what is leaving this feeling of unease in your body and mind, you will have the space to step into what you are truly capable of and be the change you want to see in the world. If we can heal as a collective, surrounded by others who encourage, motivate and inspire us, then real positive action and change can manifest.

This programme is for you...

If you are FULLY READY to commit to your wellbeing and break free from your repeated patterns, habits and reactions.

If you are FULLY RESPONSIBLE in taking action and willing to lean into your vulnerabilities.

If you TRULY BELIEVE that there is another way to feel and you are ready to face your shadows, so you can live the life that you dream of.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm relatively new to yoga, will the yoga postures be too advanced for me?

As this will be a held container with a small group of people, I will devise the yoga practices around the specific needs of the members of the group. Each week will build on from the previous week and incorporate the teachings of the programme. This will ensure that you embody these practices and truly integrate what you are learning.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the programme?

Each week there is approximately a 20 minute recorded tutorial, that you should watch prior to our live sessions every Saturday. The Saturday sessions will last for an hour and a half. Every Wednesday there will be an hour and 15 minute yoga practice. I recommend that you repeat this practice two or three times per week. There is a reflective element to this course which I recommend doing daily for about 10 minutes. However, if you only manage to do it 2 or 3 times a week, then that is ok. It is important not to judge your efforts but focus on the small steps in changing habitual patterns as you embark on this journey of a lifetime.

How long will it take for me to notice the results?

I am deeply passionate about these practices and the transformation and healing effects they have on the body and mind. You will feel the benefits immediately and will be given tools that you can easily integrate into your life.

How much 1:1 access will I get with Lorna?

Each week we will meet up as a group on zoom for 90 minutes to practice meditating together, explore self-inquiry and reflection, discuss and share our experiences, as well as meeting up for 75 minutes to practice yoga together. There is no 1:1 specifically, however, if you feel that you need some 1:1 support throughout the course this can be arranged.

What happens when I register?

You’ll receive a registration email to the address you used to pay within 24 hours. In the email, you’ll receive a link to join us in the private group, and all of the details you need to get ready for the first session!

What is your refund policy?

One the program has begun and you’ve been added to the private support group we do not offer refunds on this program. If you need any support during the programme just contact me and I will be here to support.

What if I can't make all the live sessions?

To get the most out of the course it is best to attend as many live sessions as you can. Of course, life does get in the way so all live sessions will be recorded and sent to you to watch at a time that is suitable.

What if I don't have a Facebook account - can I still join in?

You do not have to use the Facebook group support if you do not wish. The peer support group is totally optional, though many people find that connecting with others along the journey is helpful and reassuring. You may wish to set up a new account just to join the group and connect, but you do not need to be on social media to partake in the program as all of your lessons and reflections are in your member's portal and live via zoom.

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